Dominique, this is an epidemic. Not just with race and law enforcement, but across the board — there’s a prevailing idea that “the system is just the system and there’s nothing we can do about it.” from many, if not most Americans.

Part of the problem is that we’ve become so diffuse, disheartened and individuated it’s difficult to find a cause and get behind and actually affect real change.

Millennials keep falling prey to the “Occupy Wall Street” problem of “everybody gets a say” which leads to lack of vision — which is what we are missing in all corners of our society, a handful of truly revolutionary leaders to stand up and say “This isn’t right!” and get some manner of validation and followers.

Yet we’ve become so particular and lazy it’s nearly impossible to actually get organized and get heard.

The “Bernie Sanders Revolution” didn’t go nearly far enough — it was yet another pageant which is now being fractured by its followers who have been outplayed by the old guard yet again.

Where is the politician who will stand up and say race relations need to be addressed globally and head on? Obama announces a “moonshot” for cancer? Why are we working to continue to extend human lives when we can’t even care for the ones we already have right now with much more important problems? Not to mention the fact that nobody has any clue how to continue to pay social security benefits as lifespans continue to increase.

Where are the leaders who will stand up and say we need to have some seriously brutal conversations about the cycle of race and poverty which has continued unbroken since slavery and the colonial times? Who will stand up and talk about the uncomfortable things for whites and blacks? Who is ready to commit to a multi-generation program of understanding, integration, and rebuilding dysfunctional communities?

How much brainpower, how many resources does our country waste on the most trivial things? Countless apps to do what, exactly? Distract us from the real world problems, as billionaires are spending their capital on a space race to try to leave this planet, before we’ve come anywhere close to addressing the real problems.

Something’s very, very wrong, here. Sometimes I think it’s a conspiracy, but mostly I think it’s humans just continually repeating the mistakes of the past, unable to be brave enough to address the harsh reality head on.

Thank you for speaking out — I am often accused of being “bitter.” I am CONSTANTLY encouraged to “think positive” “worry about myself” as if somehow my meditation routine is going to affect global change.

I understand the need for that, but we also need an organized uprising of thought, directed at the absurdity that insists “that’s just the way things are.”

No, that’s “Just the way things are” in a system that needs to be rewritten. And it can be — if we can just get our heads out of our damned phones, and reconnect with the human social network — but things look like they’re going to get a lot worse before they get better.

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