Hello David.

Has this event already happened? Your piece suggests the symposium is upcoming, but a google search seems to indicate it has already happened.

You might enjoy this anecdote: In 2016, between video production gigs, I was driving for Uber in Baltimore. The best part of driving for Lyft and Uber is pulling the lever on the double-slit slot machine of humanity. Like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get until someone opens the door of your car and gets in.

It’s like a kind of mobile symposium of humanity, in a way.

In Baltimore, my number-one-favorite ride was taking a Neuroscience PhD to work. I’d been working on my pop-culture-based ToE for 5 years at that point, and having a rapid-fire philosophical showdown with a JHU Neuroscience prof in the backseat was pretty much what I was living for at the time.

After a breakneck 5 minute friendly duel involving QM meets armchair philosophy meets pop culture, the man in the back seat, exasperated, said, “Ugh, you sound just like my brother and his friends.”

I asked, “Who is your brother?”

“Oh, he runs the Santa Fe institute.”

At this moment, my heart leapt through my chest wall as I had already been following the SFI, as it seemed to be harmonic with my ideas.

Those couple of months driving around Baltimore seem like a kind of fairy tale now.

These are interesting times. I’m not an academic — I’m an autodidact who doesn’t even have an undergrad, but I live across the threshold of science and spirituality.

Humans are like a sports team — physical vessels carrying the banners of multidimensional archetypes, going to ideological battle, creating and re-creating the nature of reality. I’ve had a few instances to travel away from the farm team to play at jousting on the major league ball field, and that was most definitely my favorite inning of that particular season.

If you are at all interested in continuing a dialogue, you may want to see if you can follow the method in my madness.

My medium publication is called The Reality War, and you can also find me on Vimeo and also YouTube.

Ultimately, my presently guiding thesis is this: we are at an inflection point in a cycle of Apocalypse. Unfortunately, that is a trigger word for many. I see The Renascence and The Enlightenment as Apocalypse — ’an unveiling.’

This time, however, we are at a species-wide Mexican standoff that must be diffused.

This can only happen IN PERSON. FULL-DUPLEX communication has been lost in digital disconnect, obfuscating important components of basic communication, while promoting the idea of ‘greater’ understanding.

There’s months of cross-cultural, multi-discipline conversation beyond this, but until this existential issue is addressed, every paper, every book, every video adds noise as much as it clarifies. This is our present paradox.

Email me at my publication name at gmail if you wish to talk directly, otherwise thank you for listening, thank you for everything you do, and good luck!

The Space Cadet; A living humanity meets technology multimedia art project. Don't panic, you're already there. Coming soon: SpaceCadet.com & r/spacecadet

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