I’d like no propose the answer is “work is broken.”

Can we consider for a moment the nonstop hustle and frantic pace of startup ideology is breaking our brains, and removing part of humanity in the name of.. what? Commerce? Purpose in an application or service that is no doubt similar to a dozen other applications or services in a race to share the same stream of VC capital? and “improve our life” by creating a gamified version of something that may or may not be ultimately helpful or memorable?

I don’t what to crap on work all together, but I am at a crossroads of love and work as well — mine is a different story, though — My girlfriend and I are breaking up because her work is in Baltimore and my son and support network are back in Virginia Beach.

I’ve gone from a professional job as a producer with a company-paid-for apartment on the Lower East Side and an expense account to an Uber driver to uninsured and unemployed in a matter of months.

It gives one perspective.

Yes, I might be overreacting against “big business” because of my personal inability to balance all these things, but the exponential increase of startups competing for capital is just the next bubble in a series of inefficient bubbles that leave a select few rich, and others justifying all the time we put into things that other people all around the world are doing, just slightly a bit differently.

We need to rethink our lives and the entire global economy.

Maybe this guy wasn’t your guy — I’m just a few steps ahead of you on this record player — You’ll justify your worth through work — and that’s what we’ve been taught — our worth is productivity, and this is simply wrong.

We have been drawn into a global machine that is less about a conspiracy to enslave, and more just a giant industrial complex industrial complex that is obsessed with productivity and growth over balance.

Thank you for reading ‘The Reality War.’

I believe change is possible. I believe change is coming. I believe individuals like you and I can connect and see this repeating pattern of being marginalized as a human in a world where technology could be promoting love and well being for all.

There’s nothing wrong with loving your work — some people will always skew that way — but be careful you’re not using it to keep yourself closed to love of yourself or others.

Just my fractional measure of value’s worth of advice.

The Space Cadet; A living humanity meets technology multimedia art project. Don't panic, you're already there. Coming soon: SpaceCadet.com & r/spacecadet

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