I understand controversy gets clicks. Sometimes I wonder what your agenda truly is with such over-the-top rhetoric. However evil you think McCain is, he’s really not much worse than most of the senators for decades at this point, ultimately, and there were many, many times he was one of the few GOP to break ranks and seek compromise — Even if you rate him poorly on this attempt, the calming attitude alone has been a positive influence in a sea of horrific animosity.

I stopped really respecting him after the Palin decision, but I’m sure being an actual POW changes your perspective compared to your background. I’m not saying that to validate any specific policy, but I am saying that when independent or ideologically opposing news personalities seek to divide, simplify, and make things binary as you have done increasingly, as that is what your readership likes

I think we need a total ideological revolution and both US parties are corrupt and should be gutted. I think the GOP policy for years has been attrocious, but the DEMs response has been stupid, anemic, and in many ways equally evil. They are more subversively manipulative vs. the GOP in-your-face propaganda.

Which is worse? I don’t know. But whatever else you think of McCain, he didn’t sound like a horrible human being, which you do here. If all our congresspeople sounded like you, we’d be in a hot civil war, which makes me wonder what your true motivations really are — or if you are that tonedeaf to your own rhetoric.

I do the same sometimes — I think both Trump and Clinton are probably both guilty of treason and should probably be executed, but the realistic fear of total collapse of the American government in the wake of something like that prevents it.

Offer a centrist ideology and actual plan that will get us from here to there. If the center finds you reasonable enough and you don’t just become a 3rd party Fox News or msnbc, and you gather a truly cross-party momentum. Then, MAYBE, you can use very aggressive rhetoric in the face of systemic suppression if that happens.

But you are now falling squarely in the clickbate category, no different than a harsh and pointless facebook argument. Is this what you really want to be? Who hurt you so badly that you demonstrate so much hate?

Because that’s some major transference if I’ve ever seen it.

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