I’ve been thinking of the blockchain movement for a while now, and while I like the underlying idea — and I’ll tell you why, there is part of me that is scared/feels something is wrong with it.

I like the idea that it models the ‘lottery’ aspect of existence. We really do, for a large part live in a giant lottery — entropy driven chaos churns the thing we call time — the uncertainty at the middle of everything.

It also incorporates a kind of exponential growth which is a key to energy balance, as we compensate for lost energy as the universe moves towards ‘heat death.’

But I finally had that apple-fall-on-the-head moment recently. It goes back to my original theory that led to this whole ‘transition through “chapel perilous” that I’ve been going through.’ I’m pretty sure from what I know about you that you understand.

But if I’m right — And that ‘feeling’ is a kind of quantum receptor, then we have a kind of ‘spider sense’ that heuristically avoids bad outcomes. Because of variance, we screw up sometimes.

And bitcoin driven algorithm existence doesn’t actually help if it’s built on to rigid a control mechanism. That is essentially fascism, without enough acknowledgement of emotion.

Like in Wonder Woman, many of us are emotionally scarred and overcompensate with our ‘computer brains’ (which connects to autism). We go to far from a lack of functional receptors on the other side of the equation.

The opposite is also true — those which have turned off the logic circuits in favor of broad emotion can get swept up in the tide. Sometimes they don’t even realize they’re on a river headed over a cliff.

Even if lemmings don’t actually do that in real life, it’s become apparent that some part of the human race actually does.

But I see this field of introvert geniuses who have had emotional issues through trauma or incredibly out-of-mainstream and or fucked up development.

Same’s true for the opposite.

Anyway, that’s what’s bothered me about the blockchain revolution. On this even of AI surpassing human expectation, I think it’s important to point this out — We don’t want to lose our limbs in exchange for a more regimented existence — even if it feels more fair.

We are become cows.

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