Joe, this goes far beyond Academia. This functional issue is a fundamental problem of all existing structures. Hyper-specializiation has created needless redundancy and competition in every single sector. What we need more than anything else is a new “values” movement. A unified transformative idea that applies to all sectors of humanity.

We have not built just one tower of Babel, but many. The world has become an “industrial complex industrial complex” wherein each of the towers points outwards at the problems in the other towers, not realizing that every sector has become a synthesis-immune structure.

I have gone very deep on the macro on this one. There is a reason it is like this — to truly acknowledge the fundamental structural problem is to understand how close the entire thing is to utter collapse. Easier to continue to build toward the sun until it crashes.. Ever forward in that direction.

I am outside academia — I am an autodidact who doesn’t even have an undergrad, but I have spent a lifetime connecting to people from all walks of life at every level — I see this problem everywhere — generations of buildup of systemized groupthink at war with each other and impenetrable ideologically.

We need a central, singular movement to crash through the gates of this system — I need to know where to look to join such a movement, or help start it — I’m far to eccentric/outside to do it all by myself.

There is a kind of apocalypse happening now — some of us can see it, some can’t. It’s truly strange once you pull yourself out of the matrix — how you can see so many who stubbornly refuse to do so (or are unable or simply don’t want to).

Ultimately, making human connections, having one on one and group discussions that leads to action is the way forward. We can program each other all day long with medium pieces, but we are simply bloating the code.

We NEED to find a centralized macro change movement that can break this down simply. We need to find a way to challenge ALL the existing paradigms while providing hope that we won’t devolve into a post apocalyptic wasteland — because that is definitely one future outcome.

We need to provide instructions for how to pull the tablecloth out from under the china and glassware.

Where do I go? Who do I connect to? All of us sitting out here writing an endless stream of heartfelt and insightful medium articles isn’t changing much.

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