Twenty or so miles south of North Bend, Washington on the night before The Election of Twenty-Twenty, I sit with my 9 year old macbook pro on the table before me.

I haven’t ordered yet. I should get the wild salmon, long grain rice and broccoli, but I’m going to get the Moons Over My Hammy, the best-named sandwich ever. I haven’t …

‘Waiting for a Star to Fall’ is playing on the radio. It reminds me of middle school.



A quick google search revealed the release date to be 1988. Not just 1988. But June 10th 1988.

There’s June 10th again. And 1988. the year that will ring forever in my head. 88 from Back to the Future, 88 for Double Infinity, 88 for the year I should have died in a school shooting.

Waiting for a star to fall, and carry your heart in to my arms, that’s where you belong, in my arms baby yeah.


I’m a bit flabbergasted. You see, I just finished a livestream where I went on and on about the importance of June 10th in this whole thing — that was 3 years to the day before Laura Palmer of Twin Peaks fame said ‘I’ll see you again in 25 years’ which was 25 years before the day I fixated upon in ‘Event Horizon.’

I feel fairly certain I am dead. I also recognize that thinking is out of bounds when talking to a mental health professional, at least now. I am awakening from a kind of death into a kind of new life, and dammit, that’s exactly the stuff they talked about at church growing up.

Maybe we threw out the baby with the baptismal water. Who knows, maybe the baby would have grown up to be Hitler.

I just went on the ‘Twin Peaks Adventure of a Lifetime.’ I’m not sure anyone could have planned anything better.

This Denny’s is rad. It feels seriously “Lived In” and it. serves. beer. If I wasn’t driving at night I’d have one. Like McDonalds in France. Moons Over My Hammy, a sandwich which is

[apparently arriving at the table across from me, and I just watched it being delivered.]

Time is spinning a bit for me.

A guy who looks like Hurley from Lost just walked past — Heavyset with a thick triangular mop of shoulder length wavy brown hair walked by, which adds to the ‘afterlifey Good Place’ feeling of the whole affair.

See, since I arrived 48 hours ago, I’ve seen (Seattle) Seahawks colors everywhere — With a giant ‘12’ emblazoned on Jerseys — Back in 1984, the owner of the Seahawks retired the ‘12’ Jersey for THE FANS — the 12th man on the field.

I suppose it’s pretty ironic with the canned sound from the bleachers in the ‘Age of Covid-19.’

Of course, for me, the Twelve plus the seahawks colors in the town of Twin Peaks, reminding me of my age in 1988, the year of the shooting, and of course, the middle school I went to, Atlantic Shores, had ‘The Seahawks’ as their mascot.

Now, in Virginia Beach, Virginia, we had a sea, but I’m not sure if we had actual sea hawks. Assuming they’re actually a thing. Our school colors were the exact same as the Seattle Seahawks — At that time Royal Blue and Kelly Green. The colors got modernized a few years back, but it’s still like they’re flying my middle school mascot everywhere around town.

I almost feel the need to get all this down just in case I die. Or, I guess I could be writing this for myself to read to help me realize I’m already dead.

Don’t worry about me, though. I know those are scary words. I need to explain that in mid-May of 2012, I told everyone I was going to ‘Win the Lottery’ and then die, proceeding to have the beginning of a multiple year mental breakdown, and restarting the process of understanding the universe.

[I just ordered My Hammy, in case you were wondering — I know the suspense was driving you nuts. I got fries, in for a penny, in for a pound. They’re seasoned, too. The small COVID-approved plastic ramekins of ketchup and packets of mustard have already arrived in anticipation of their imminent application.]

At the time of my breakdown, I told everyone with complete certainty I’d win the Mega Millions, I knew the numbers, and after I won, I would die — probably something to do with my heart. I told them it was going to happen on the next Friday drawing.

Yeah, not my best moment, to say the least.

But the thing is, I did kind of metaphorically win the lottery — I saw my way out of the bad place I was in, even though it blew up the world around me. I think it was too late, that bomb was going to go off one way or another.

The waitress just told me the Beer is 2 dollars a glass because of Monday Night Football — Even craft beers. God bless the Pacific Northwest. I couldn’t resist. If I fall asleep and die after this, please interpret the legend of Cory Caplan to include uncertainty about whether he effectively and ironically predicted his own demise by writing the above paragraphs —

Because the last 48 hours or so really seriously feels like I won the lottery.

HOLY SHIT, the beer just arrived — ‘Space Dust’ don’t you know. IT’S A FULL 16 OZ PINT.


No, seriously, is it? I don’t think I care anymore.

I’m going to rebuild this into something I love. And I think I can.

I’m 3 hours away from effing ‘Twin Peaks.’ And it’s gorgeous. I hope this isn’t a monkey’s paw situation where now that I’ve had my Omaze winnings for the 48 hours, that’s it, but you know what… If this was my ‘Day in the Sun’ and I don’t get another, I’d understand.

The Space Dust is delicious. Of Course.

I feel as though I came back to life.

I came back to Life on Mars, anyway.

There’s more work to be done. There’s a discussion to continue as the next few months progress. But I feel like The Universe is telling me I’m on the right course. And I see the road getting easier from here, in a respect.

The ‘Twelve Rainbow Trout’ series is over. I will *NEVER* be able to top what I’ve filmed in the last 48, and, well, I slipped through the boundary out of The Cycle I’d Got Stuck In. I believe I am past a threshold in truly ‘waking up.’

Or at least, I’m back to this good place again.

I’m not going to finish the beer. I drank about 12 ounces and ate every scrap of that awful and amazing sandwich. I knew you would want to know such important details.

I can’t finish writing about Twin Peaks. Not yet. I’m going to need the drive to process it, I suppose. At the very least, I’m down to 6% battery and I need to get back on the road.

But, I should explain why I picked Denny’s first — there’s a parallel to my entrance into the greater ‘Twin Peaks’ area. I arrived after driving Lyft..

[To Be Continued]

A portal has been ripped through time and space, and it was a hell of a wormhole. It’s Wednesday, November 4th, at 1:47:42 PM Pacific time, and holy shit — Still no president. Not yet. Hold on, let me turn on the TV.

I’m back on the couch in my living room where I moved the television which I’d been using as a computer monitor to a mantle in a room with couches, which is an upgrade in maturity, I’ve been told.

Don’t worry, it’s temporary.

Oh, well, now, I understand, the reporters are talking about how Trump is seeding the grounds for legal insurrection.. well, they’re not using those words, exactly.

We are in a state of quantum uncertainty.


Time is circling in on itself.

At least, this is how the narrative has written itself in my mind. I cannot unsee it right now. Perhaps later.

I wrote on facebook:

While the question is still in the air, I’d like to officially say that a narrow Biden win is, to me, the best case scenario — Making the DEMs take a real, good look at the difference between the optics they portray and the reality on the ground. The idea of Pelosi using a kind of a ‘blue wave’ to give us more of the same, just opposite is mercifully not a likely scenario. And of course, getting Trump gone is a good thing, IMO. #cautiouslyoptimistic

And this timeloop thing — in the middle of ‘the prophecy’ — from Twin Peaks and other sources.. We’re in the eye of *THAT HURRICANE* RIGHT NOW.

Well, at least “I” am, whatever *that* is anymore. Now, I need to return to the top and let people know that this document will continually be edited as we move forward.

Now, to a shower and out to adventure.

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