Thank you for beginning to address the uncomfortable truth underlying the second amendment.

There is blatant evidence that this is downright wrong, and unfortunately, it invalidates much of what you are saying here. How successful, exactly, have we been against ISIS terrorist on their own soil, who are able to hide in places we have no idea exist?

An armed uprising should be protected in the constitution, even with the danger it brings.

If it were to reach that point, and let’s hope to whatever you believe in that it does not, you are not taking into account military defection, which would at the very least strengthen the position of the already armed populace, especially in certain areas.

We won the revolutionary war with ‘terrorist guerrilla action’ on our own soil.

I will never own a gun for so many reasons (check out my stories if you wonder why) however, we cannot begin to have an honest discussion on guns until we talk about the real issues plainly — and having THIS discussion on a wider scale.

I don’t believe in vast, vast conspiracies, but I do believe our intelligence agencies — like all of them — do shady things that they think are in the best interest of “the country” ie their own perception of dominance/success.

There could reach a point, if somehow we REALLY uncovered the world’s secrets, and that they were against the joint morality that cross party lines, we actually SHOULD rise up against our government. Peacefully — but if there is escalation (which could come from many sides) we might have no other option.

If not us, then those that will follow.

Personally, I’ve pretty much opened myself up to whatever people want to see — but I would never suggest that others should and definitely not be forced to do so.

Between the private and profound data collected by the likes of google, facebook, microsoft, telecommunication companies, etc, we have potentially given up so much of our lives to those who lie in the shadows, from all angles.

It’s not impossible there might be a ‘red dawn’ type scenerio if our cybersecurity is much worse than we thought.

After all, we just found out about a huge leak on the F-35 which relies heavily on software.

If we get caught with our pants down, thinking we’re secure, it’s unlikely but not totally impossible we could see North Korean troops on our shore — the 4th largest standing army, and the largest active reserves in the world.

Far fetched? Sure. Impossible? No.

We don’t even have the resources to adequately handle 3 humanitarian crises simultaneously after hurricanes. What would happen to us if the internet went totally down for 10 days?

Even if the military maintained communications, and a patchwork of antiquated Ham radios re-emerged, it would not be enough to direct the logistics of our country’s food supply alone — certainly not at the same time as putting our forces on full alert.

There’s a billion reasons to keep a ‘standing militia’ but that doesn’t mean we can’t have gun registration, gun taxation as a group insurance to clean up incidents of violence and support for victims in their families.

There’s no reason we shouldn’t maintain regularly renewed licenses on guns in the name of paranoia.

As paranoid as this sounds — if the government were to become a martial force, cracking down domestically, in fear of an uprisal — and one only needs to look at the number of generals on the cabinet all of a sudden for this idea to become more real — then if they started ‘coming for your guns’ that’s the point at which we (they) start shooting.

I will never go to the libertarian extreme that we should all be able to own whatever weapon our standing army might utilize, but there is plenty of historical precedent for dramatic global changes suddenly spurring the rise of tyranny.

Though I am in an opposite political corner than most of those who love their stockpiles of guns, and I have my own trauma associated with gun violence, I can step away from it for a second to say “there is real purpose to this, but we are looking at the wrong issues, and can’t be honest with the original intent because it sounds terrifying.

But just like the first amendment enshrines free speech and free religion, the second insures we are able to maintain it.


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