With all due respect, I think you are still missing the forest for the trees — If I was truly a paranoid conspiracy theorist, I might accuse you of lacing together conspiracies to itself mask the simpler truths — after all, you do use zerohedge as a source.

That said, I also believe that anyone else who “smells that something fishy,” especially in this case it absolutely right. I think it is our nature as humans to take that feeling and start developing an explanation, and suddenly there’s red yarn everywhere.

Some time, look up split-brain experiments, and see how one hemisphere of the brain cam make a decision impulsively, and the other tries to come up with a reason for it after the fact, then gives it’s best guess.

That’s what’s happening here.

The far more simple question is “Saudi Arabia?” or “What about Saudi Arabia?” or “WHAT THE FUCK? WHY DOES NO MAINSTREAM PERSON SERIOUSLY INVESTIGATE SAUDI ARABIA DEEPLY ON THIS?”

I am certainly not the best read on middle east politics and history and economics, but there are only a few possibilities:

  1. Powerful Forces within Saudi Arabia attacked the US mainland as the start of a hot-cold war, trying to put the US on notice — leveraging themselves against the hypocritical monarchy that inexplicably remains our close ally, and even more inexplicably that of The Clintons.
  2. OR The US, or powerful forces within the US intelligence departments, with or without knowledge of other hierarchies of governance conspired with operatives in Saudi Arabia to make this happen [FOR SOME REASON]
  3. OR A single organization run by a network of terror, managed to pull of a Hail Mary, and the country in which the majority of the action must have taken place — one of our strongest allies — didn’t really do much to investigate how much of that must have gone on within their borders, considering 15 of the 19 hijackers were, you know, from there.

The paranoia sets in when you combine 2 and 3 — The US conspired to feed a network within Saudi Arabia to begin a kind of endgame on the petrodollar, where the tables could be turned at any minute with full documentation suddenly uncovered.

That would have to be pretty deep chess in order for the past two Presidents to bow so low to the King, and the present one to pay his respects on his first foreign visit and put his hand on a glowing orb with them.

The point is, we can’t know, but don’t write the narrative from the outside — focus on one thing. Why didn’t Saudi Arabia get the FULL COURT PRESS? Either from any kind of leadership or from journalists.

It’s easy to point to ‘the elites’ and do the same thing — assume what’s happening behind closed doors — Maybe Bezos just wanted to sell Amazon Cloud Storage to the Government. Maybe they till him what they want to tell him — doesn’t matter. Don’t write the narrative — You’re doing the same thing they are.

One point. Saudi Arabia, the classified pages of the 9/11 report, and the lack of

If you rail against the government/media every day in every possible way talking about the oligarchs and those that have the control, using a shotgun in every direction, one single misstep, or questionable source is enough to dismiss you.

Saudi. Arabia.

Every Congressman. Every Senator. Every media outlet.

I wouldn’t tell them what’s going on — I’D ASK THEM TO TELL US WTF is going on — and when they don’t.. and when they continue to ignore us — our case gets bigger.

#FullCourtPress #whenIfEver

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