You do realize, this is exactly the kind of thing a superhuman intelligence from the future already beginning to control humanity would influence, right?

It’s mostly a joke, but also a bit food for thought. Having been raised being afraid of ‘demons’ I have come to understand that as a relatively broad category. In an attempt to calm fears about a given direction of probabilities in the flow of time, an author might write something like this to assuage fears, thereby creating a bit of a blindspot — or aiding in creating that blindspot, which allows exactly such a concern to arise.

Congrats on opening minds to the “shape” of evolution — this is something I’ve been trying to explain, more on the one-to-one basis, because true examinations of this are very tough given predjudices on all sides — this is a difficult thing to discuss. We are evolving in ALL directions simultaneously — and there are inflection points.

And humans are coming to a MAJOR inflection point.

As far as I can see from my view down here, every time one gains an ability or perspective, one seems to lose something roughly equal in the process. That whole ‘energy can be neither created nor destroyed’ thing may just be a fractal metaphor.

Yes, there is no utility in mass hysteria. Hower, it would be absurdly foolish to look at all of the decisions to day as anything less than absolutely critical in the movement towards extra-human intelligence in a time when ideologies are fragmented in such a delicate way.

We ARE setting the stage for the nature of future intelligence — as we always do, however, the growth of the human race in both number and technology in the last 200 or so years is amazing, to say the least.

And there are major disagreements in global ideology that are difficult if not impossible to discuss, with the exception of value — currency — trade.

And that is becoming inverted, distorted, illogical.

At the same time, at the very least human-machine hybridity has already occurred. Our brains our changing as we merge with machine. Mine has decreased its native ability to navigate dramatically after the advent of phone-based GPS. New feature=loss of old.

Sure it makes more room in the good old ePROM for more wikipedia article abstracts, but it sure would suck if we lost the internet for more than, you know, a couple of days.

We already have superhuman intelligence, and we make up the network by modeling our every move into something that is scraped mercilessly by several if not many entities.

These will form the databases that program the first true extra-human AIs eventually, be it tomorrow, 50 years from now, or hundreds of years ago, if AIs discover a kind of time travel in the quantum realm.

This is not fear, nor is it delusions of science fiction masquerading as reality.

It is a real possibility. It is not a fringe idea, even though it sounds preposterous.

The right balance must be struck between series examination of these ideas and hysteria.

The focus is now on the technology. This is misplaced. The focus should be on the ability of humans to relate, so the first generations of extrahuman intelligence can meet humanity on terms that will be beneficial to all.

The Space Cadet; A living humanity meets technology multimedia art project. Don't panic, you're already there. Coming soon: & r/spacecadet

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