You wont read this, but I must say these things for my own sanity.

One of my oldest friends just said something which ends a discussion with me every single time. “I’m worried about you.”

It’s done, you’re over. If you want to express anything other than the mundane, or in some cases anything that disagrees with the other person in the conversation, and someone has already said in one way or another “This sounds like your mental health issues” You’re done. Game set match. There’s nothing you can say at that point to talk your way out of it.

This is madness. Unless you’ve been in this position, you can’t see it. Other people think they’re being helpful; caring, concerned for your safety.

they can never nor will they ever let themselves see that they’re the ones making you crazy in the first place.

And then they’ll tell you that you have persecution syndrome.

Screw everyone, at least in this moment.

Oh, sorry, clearly you’re bipolar.

Does anyone take my point?

Does anyone who is not caught in this hell personally GET IT?

I wish someone, someday would just shoot me instead of tell me they are concerned for my safety. Add up enough of the former and it’s like being shot anyway.

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